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Virtual Reality Courses in Chennai
The description of virtual reality comes, directly, from the definitions for each ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. The definition of ‘virtual’ is close to and reality is what we have a tendency to expertise as men. So the term ‘virtual reality’ basically means ‘near-reality’.This could, of course, mean something however it always refers to an appropriate form of reality emulation.

Virtual reality is advancing swiftly and in five to ten years it will be a united part of people’s journals. We see that virtual reality will play a major role in the future of our life

Virtual Reality Courses

For the past few years, the virtual reality vice trade has already won a vital market size and still shows a quick rate. In the starting, the thought of virtual reality was fascinating and a touch bit fantastic. Though, as VR came true, we are able to all agree, it's the potential to become ensuing “big thing”.


Periyar University

Periyar University with a technical collaborator, Scopik Edu Services, Chennai, which can offer the data ability to the scholars.

Technology Collaborator

The technology collaborator will set up a state of the art laboratory on the campus and impart skills through professionals in the field. This will enable the university students to get stipend through “earn while you learn’ by taking up schemes for outside agencies. This will also strengthen the university initiative of Technology Incubation Centres that will provide industry linkages.


The Vice-Chancellor said that the MOU will introduce very many changes and will turn the experimental research volte-face. Students will be able to obtain the certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and B Voc degree from this collaborative venture.



We build the real value


We build the real value


Forbes conducted in October 2015

About seventy-five p.c of the Forbes World’s most useful Brands have created some sort of virtual reality or increased reality expertise for patrons or staff, or square measure themselves developing these technologies.


VR Inside the Risky Factory

Training, since it will simulate yourself being truly within that risky industrial plant, learning the way to use that dangerous instrument panel while not the danger of wounding yourself whereas learning. It has been incontestible that coaching with VR is more practical

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Enhancing Thinks in AR

From social media filters to surgical procedures, AR is quickly growing in quality as a result of it brings components of the virtual world, into our planet, therefore enhancing the items we tend to see, hear, and feel.