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Virtual Reality is the Next Big Thing This distinctive degree places a stress on the look principles of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). This is a challenging, multi-disciplinary field within which you’ll learn the talents needed to make VR/AR simulations, games, visualisations and apps. To aid your studies you’ll have full access to the University’s laptop art studios and dedicated VR/AR labs. You’ll even have access to VR/AR hardware and package, additionally because the wider resources of the college of Media Arts and Technology, like the inexperienced screen and Mo-cap (motion capture) facilities.

We Offer

Semester – 1

Design Process Content


Lang 1- English 2

Lang 2 - Tamil / French / Hindi 2

Value Education 1 - Yoga

Digital Design Lab

Visual Design

Image Editing Lab

Digital Illustration Lab

Semester – 2

Animation Design Content

Lang 1 - English 3

Lang 2 -Tamil / French / Hindi 3

Value Education 2 - Environmental


Stop Motion Lab

UI Design

2D Animation Lab

Semester – 3

3D Design Content


Industry Study

Model Making Techniques

Unity Game Design Lab

Modelling & Texturing Lab

Arch Viz Lab

Semester – 4

Communication Design Content

Video Comp Lab

360 Video Editing

Advanced 3D Modelling Techniques

Digital Sculpting Techniques

Match Moving Techniques

Digital Marketing Techniques

Semester – 5

Interactive Narrative


VR Lighting Techniques

Design Patterns for real-time


Introduction to VR and AR

Virtual Reality Lab

Augmented Reality Lab


Semester – 6

AR/VR Content


Mobile AR for Android and IOS

Mobile VR Development Lab

Industry Trends