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The days of going to a store to shop or browsing online may soon be over. Virtual reality technology has the power to transform the shopping experience. From transporting customers to another world to showcase products to letting them try things virtually, VR is the future. Here are 10 examples of how the future of shopping will be transformed by VR, coming from brands that are already testing the waters.

Before its huge Prime Day sale, Amazon opened VR kiosks in 10 shopping malls across India. Guests took a virtual hot air balloon ride and could walk through items slated to be featured in the sale. They could see the size, test the features and get more information about the products. Instead of operating a brick-and-mortar store, Amazon showcased its products virtually and still gave customers a chance to interact with the products before making a purchase.

It’s not every day most customers shop for decorative crystal home accessories. But when they do, they can first experience the items through VR. MasterCard and Swarovski teamed up to showcase a new line of home decor items through a VR app. Customers can see the items around the house, learn about how they were made and get more information. To make a purchase, customers simply focus on the Masterpass button at the bottom of the product description.

Benefits of VR Shopping App

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  • Virtual Reality Online Stores
  • Users can Explore, Walks and Performance Virtual Store
  • Distinct Virtual Store Design & Layout
  • Customers are Able to Better Visualize and Judge
  • Frequent Consumer Feedback

Augmented Reality Shopping

What is augmented reality shopping?

AR or Augmented Reality is a disruptive technology that creates 3D/CGI items that will help you in shopping. Brands do that to make shopping a better experience for you and also to ease the process of shopping whether you’re doing it through an app or by fiat money.


Increase conversion by letting customers interactively view fashion and home products in 3D in the real world in front of them. And letting them compare multiple products side-by-side in their room to make a purchase decision.

AR for Retail

Make your store AR-enabled to let shoppers access digital information and media associated with in-store merchandise through your own app, instead of a 3rd party. Provide additional content such as videos and recommendations that help in making the in-store purchase decision.

AR for Marketing

Delight customers by giving them innovative experiences like a pop-up store visible only through AR, or engage them by making your outdoor advertising and catalogs interactive and shoppable.

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