What’s AR/VR ,blockchain and IOT


Blockchain technology and applications have the potency to decentralize power from the prevailing central authorities using smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and asset ownership. By means of blockchain technology, it’ll cause more transparency, reduction in transaction costs, and reduction in barriers to entering in various domains.

We are proud to mention that smart sense has presented a prototype of stock market using ethereum blockchain and smart contract at the FutureTech 2016 Event by NSE Mumbai. Currently, the smart sense team is exploring ethereum blockchain intimately for creating the demo of certain use cases.

Internet of things

We are witnessing the dawn of a replacement era of the Internet of Things. IoT refers to the networked interconnection of everyday objects, often equipped with ubiquitous intelligence. IoT will increase the ubiquity of the web by integrating every object for interaction via embedded systems, which results in a highly distributed network of devices communicating with citizenry also as other devices. because of rapid advances in underlying technologies, IoT is opening tremendous opportunities for an outsized number of novel applications that promise to enhance the standard of our lives.

At smart sense, we’ve developed a demo of usage of beacons in retail stores. Through this app, the purchasers, during a retail shop and enormous malls or any such place, are often sent ad notifications in their mobile using the Beacons. Currently, we are studying and dealing on demo of beacons usage in Hotels and enormous industries.

Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is about overlaying pieces of a virtual world over the important world (in contrast to a computer game (VR) that’s about replacing the important world with a virtual one). On mobile devices, this simply means enhancing what you’ll see through the device’s camera with multimedia content (e.g. you’ll point your camera at a movie poster and watch its trailer, otherwise you can point it at a star within the sky and learn its name). So, basically AR comes right down to the subsequent three fundamental questions: where to display, what to display, and the way to display.

smartSense has developed a demo of AR using Vuforia with Unity game engine. during this demo, we’ve implemented the following features: Image targeting, text recognition,

virtual buttons, and user-defined targets. Currently, the smart sensor is functioning on a demo of smart terrain, extended tracking, and occlusion management.

Virtual reality

To be more precise computer game is an inducement of a 3D picture or surrounding that appears to be real on the physical front by using distinct electronic attachments sort of a helmet with a display inside and gloves attached with sensors. From the discharge of Google Cardboard to Oculus, computer game seems to be sooner a good spread concept. so far computer game was a science fantasy but now it gives the impression of a promising technology.smartSense has developed the demo game of “infinite run” using unity 3D and Google Cardboard SDK. Currently, we are performing on a demo of Roll-a-ball and bringing “Virtual survivor shooter” in computer games.

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The University signs MoU with Scopik Edu Services, Salem


The AR and VR technologies will be imparted for the first time in a university curriculum in the country as a direct effect of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Periyar University with a technical collaborator, Scopik Edu Services, which will provide the knowledge skill to the students.

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