AR/VR Advantages

Advantages of augmented reality

Increase sales- With using augmented reality in e-commerce or online shopping, it’s possible to see the thing in its effective form before making an actual purchase. Augmented reality adds value to the procurement process. Augmented reality enables a beautiful design module on the commercial site in order that more interaction between user and vendor is often increased.

Effective content- Augmented reality is during all|one amongst|one in every of”> one among the main technology that performs several processes so as to supply improved content modules on the commercial site in order that intended users can cash in in a synchronized manner.

· Augmented reality systems operate simultaneously in order that real-world experience is often enhanced.’

· It enhances perceptions and interactions with the important world.

· Less time-consuming process is augmented reality.

· It is often applied to a part of training programs in order that overall productivity is increased.

· Improved framework in order that more users to interact during a synchronized manner.

With the assistance of augmented reality, life’s activities become easy and fun.
One of the most important advantages of augmented reality is its use within the education field. With the implementation of augmented reality into education, students’ interaction and engagement in study increases. It helps to nurture the training process and increase student participation in classes. Thus, an enriched way of learning.

An augmented application like LookTel recognizer, Qualcomm helps intellectually disabled workers in their day to day activities and make their life easy.

With the assistance of Augmented reality, individuals are ready to access more relevant information consistent with their needs and in very little time.

Home appliances become smart with the mixing of Augmented reality. for instance , the refrigerator could write and tell the shopping list for users.

Video game experience is improved because it enriches the virtual visualization experience of users. A real-life example of video games that implement augmented reality is POKEMON GO.

It helps within the efficient diagnosis of disease and made the patient’s life safer. thanks to the implementation of augmented reality within the medical industry, physicians are ready to detect disease at an early stage.

Advantages of computer game
• Helps with Impressive Visualization – you’ll make certain about the greatness of computer games. It helps in exploring various facts and may even alternate the extent of experience. If you wear a VR headset, you’ll experience the simplest quality visualizations. Allows Students to urge Engaged – lately, it’s become difficult for the teachers to conduct classroom interaction sessions. With the introduction of the computer game technicality, interaction with the scholar has become very easy . the scholars take the assistance of computer game to talk about their personal experiences.

• Creating Interest – computer games have made watching more enjoyable than reading. VR technicality is extremely interesting and interesting. VR technology creates enjoyable experiences. This technology motivates students to find out and know better in life.

• Improves Educational Value – The doctor’s cash in of the VR technology to understand about the new traits of drugs. VR technology also works best within the fields of editing and content writing. It helps in locating mistakes in contents. There are preferred software arrangements to form fault detections. VR technology also helps with perfect editing options.

• Helps to beat Language Barriers – The barrier may be a significant problem within the field of education. In case, if you’re not studying in your hometown you would like to adopt the dialect of the place where you’re considering. With the implementation of computer games, the possible language is often aptly implemented by making use of suitable software. Cons of computer game

• Lacks Flexibility – within the classroom you’ll act with flexibility. you’re hospitable give suggestions and ask questions. this is often impossible with computer games. With the computer game headset, you’ll make use of an equivalent program altogether the sessions. there’s no scope for positive interaction.

• Ineffective Human Connections – computer game comes with a group of disadvantages. the traditional education system is especially supported by interpersonal connections and therefore the level of individual human communication. The concept of computer games is different. it’s only about you and therefore the software.

• Getting Addicted – Addiction to computer games is extremely common. scholars can get hooked into the virtual world. The section of the population is getting hooked into video games and therefore the rest. within the world of computer games, one can even get hooked into harmful drugs.

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The University signs MoU with Scopik Edu Services, Salem


The AR and VR technologies will be imparted for the first time in a university curriculum in the country as a direct effect of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Periyar University with a technical collaborator, Scopik Edu Services, which will provide the knowledge skill to the students.

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